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Invitation to join the ASPG stand at the Beijing Book Fair

Irina and William Webster at the Beijing Book Fair 2012

The Australian Self Publishing Group will again have a stand at the upcoming Beijing Book Fair 28 August – 1 September.

This is the perfect place for new or upcoming authors to showcase their book.

China is rapidly becoming the biggest market for Western books in the world and they are especially interested in Australia books, being our biggest trading partners.

Unlike some of the other publishers at international book fairs, the Chinese do not care if the author is unknown, they care about the content of the book and if it suits their market.

The Beijing Book Fair is also the perfect venue for children’s books and is rapidly becoming the Asian version of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Last year Chinese and other Asian publishers were lining up to see our children’s books. If you have a series of children’s books then this is very attractive to the publishers in China.